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Our process is done in perfect balance for us to get the security and satisfaction of each product regarding attention, counseling to produce, functional, competitive & profitable products.

We have a great range of packaging options that can be customized to each product according to its presentation, conservation and transportation. Given that each packaging is customized you are able to pick, material, color, label and shape in order to design a final product that is attractive to the eye.

Diferentes empaques Dibar

Types of packaging

This great variety of products spreads out the possibilities of identity, presentation and packaging.

Our executives suggest the best options according to the needs and characteristics of your product and the lifetime you are expecting for it to have.

Our options:

Examples packaging

Packaging Specs

Consideramos importante la buena impresión, razón que nos motiva a generar un excelente primer contacto entre tu producto y tus clientes y el empaque cumple esa función, por tanto es importante que sea impecable, original y atractivo.

Cada empaque debe ser resistente para proteger, mantener y transportar su contenido, por ese motivo su material está sujeto a elección del inversionista, así como sus etiquetas y diseño, siempre bajo las mejores sugerencias de nuestros asesores.


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