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About us
In this manufacturing industry we stand as the main developers of personal care products, dietary supplements & hand sanitizers. Our services increase our clients profit.

We are a Solutions Lab.

Our scientific team are driven by innovation applying it into the formula of each product. Also, our designing team gives you the best graphic proposals for your label. And, not least, our production team develops, label and pack your final product, always working under GMP standards to embrace the quality for each lot.

we are a solutions lab
regulations and success commercialization


The main goal of our manufacturing process is to make the commercialization of the products easier for our clients. To accomplish this, we handle our products through FDA, Health Canada & Kosher regulations. In addition, all of our products are done under GMP standards to ensure the total satisfaction of the end consumer.

Our high production capacity allow us to go through your comercial needs and take the next step for your most ambitious ideas. We have the best infrastructure and a highly trained personal to deliver high production volumes.

We work for your objectives.

We are a Company fully focused on results, therefore, we are constantly trained to give our customers the best processes, formulas and technologies in order to add value to each product.

This services allows us to reach this purpose:

Adjustment of formula

“We transform your ideas into products.”

trabajamos por tus objetivos


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