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We have a department of research specialists that are constantly involved in the development of new formulae.

If you want to improve an existing vitamin formula or need help developing a completely new nutritional supplement we have the resources you need to make the formula the best one out in the market.

We will be by your side to develop the best product in the market from scratch. We offer custom formulations to help you develop the product you dreamed of with the help of our R&D staff.

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You can be sure that with our commitment to exceptional service whatever specific needs you have, we will surpass them in quality and support. You can reassure that our custom supplement product will be created with all the best resources available to us with our highly experienced R&C staff, this have formulated hundreds of custom products for international clients.

In Dibar Labs LLC all dietary supplement formulations are routinely tested to ensure that custom supplements are effective and safe for distribution in your market.