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We have over 10 years of experience with manufacturing, nutritional supplements, sport nutrition supplements and body care products.

Manufacturing capabilities to fit any need

We offer the manufacturing of finished and unfinished products in different presentations and a wide variety of packaging. Up next we show you the different options in packaging and the type of product we can manufacture in the national market, as well as, in the international market.

Supplements and Health Care Products

Powders Manufacturing

Powder formulae aren’t simply unfinished versions of supplements. We understand that many other factors go into making a powder formula to ensure proper mixing, consistency and flavor. Powder formulae can offer you greater flexibility with dosing and can be mixed into shakes, juices, or liquids.

Our machinery allows us to manufacture all kinds of powder supplements, such as fiber, shakes, juices, sport supplements (whey protein), multivitamins, etc… The presentations we have for powders are PET or polyethylene containers. We also carry capsules for our powders.

Sports Nutrition Powders

Bodybuilders and athletes have higher standards of nutrition than most people. They expect nothing less than the most potent strength and endurance-building supplements to fuel their workouts.

Dibar Labs LLC want you to feel confident that every one of our products uses the best-sourced ingredients we can find to help produce your bodybuilding and sports nutrition formulae in their purest and most natural forms. In order to fulfill your customers need we have plenty of powder formulae including protein powders, whether you choose to use any of our private label products or create your own protein powders or sports nutrition powders.


Traditional tablets are still one of the cost-effective forms of supplements, if your goal is to get the highest volume of product for your money’s worth.

Many multivitamin and multi-ingredient formulae are produced in tablet form because the most materials can be packed within the space of a tablet. Tablets can also extend the stability and shelf life of your product for a longer period of time.

Chewable tablets

Chewable tablets offer yet another means of delivering effective nutrients to customers who do not wish to swallow their tablets or capsules. This tablets need to be just as absorbable and nutritious as their softgel counterparts, but require an additional flavor component to make them easier on the palate.


Capsules are solid preparations formed two-piece hard gelatin composite consistency, which usually contain one dose of the active ingredients. They are designed primarily for oral use. They may contain powders, granules or spheres. The presentations we handle are pill bottle, blister box, or in Sachets.

Dibar Labs LLC´s diversity and experience in a variety of hard gelatin or soft gelatin capsule forms grant us the ability to produce practically any type of capsule delivery system you need. Our experienced R&D staff is always at your disposal to offer recommendations and solutions.

Vegetarian Capsules

At DIBAR Labs we offer you the service of vegetarian capsules manufacturing. To accommodate our vegetarian conscious customers we also offer vegetarian capsules.

Our shells are 100% vegetarian and our formulators will work with you to have it this way, and this product is as effective as gelatin-based capsules.

Softgel Capsules

As softgels continue to become more and more popular with the consumers we have invested in our production lines to accommodate your needs. By choosing this you will be able to display your products to your customers and distinguish your products from your competitors.

  • Enhanced bioavailability and absorption of active ingredients
  • Market research has demonstrated that consumers perceive soft gels as more effective in its delivery system
  • Soft Gels feature enhanced marketability and premium value
  • Enhanced stability of fragile active ingredients
  • Higher perceived value to customer
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Easier to swallow
  • Tamper evident
  • Low odor

Likewise we manufacture other supplements in liquid such as chlorophyll, Mangosteen, juices, antioxidants, tinctures, extracts, etc.

The presentations available are polyethylene or PET bottles in different sizes according to the customer’s needs.


The quality of our products is what sets us apart, the formulations of our syrups are completely pure and natural, we don’t use diluted mixtures, we fabricate many types of syrups (cough, multivitamins, antioxidants, energizing, etc.)

The presentations we use are PET or polyethylene bottles in different sizes.


Energy and health providing drinks are increasingly taking demand in the market. Liquid shots offer the convenience of delivery, portability, and dosage so that on-the-go consumers can take their supplements quickly and with ease.

The presentations available are in polyethylene or PET bottles in different sizes with shrink or attachable labels as the customer chooses.

Energy Drinks

Dibar Labs will help you create your custom energy drink flavor and this has never been simpler with the advanced machinery we have in our facility.

A high quality and marketable energy drink requires the right blend of active ingredients and flavors to make a product that truly stands out. We’ll work with you to get that right combination so that you’re completely satisfied with your product.

With our years of industry knowledge, we can help you select additives that will add stability, while still delivering the energy boost you desire. Your energy drink should look, taste, and feel the way you want it to, and it’s our job to fulfill your requests.

Beauty and Body Care Products

Creams and Lotions

A beautiful body must be healthy inside and out, this is why carry an extensive rage of cream based formulae for face and body.

The presentations are in jar, bottle or squeezable tube in different sized according to the customer’s needs.

Dibar Labs LLC has diversified its manufacturing capabilities to include lotions, creams, as well as personal care and beauty products.

The manufacturing of lotions and personal healthcare products requires different skill-sets and specialized machinery, which is why many other manufacturers often do not undertake the task of producing these types of formulae.

You shouldn’t be limited by the types of products you can offer just because your manufacturer doesn’t have the capabilities. With Dibar Labs LLC as your approved manufacturer, your options are almost limitless with our lotion, personal care and beauty product ranges.

Soaps and Shampoos

A beautiful body must be healthy inside and out, this is why carry an extensive rage of cream, shampoo, conditioner hair styling cream, liquid soap, etc, based formulas for face and body.

The presentations are in jar, bottle or squeezable tube in different sized according to the customer’s needs.

Body and Hair Gels

For DIBAR Laboratories is very important to offer a wide rage of products, this is why we also manufacture viscous presentations, among some we can mention, gels for cellulite, measurement reduction, relaxing and refreshing for legs, etc, to antibacterial hand gel and hair gel.

The presentations we handle are PET or polyethylene jars, squeezable tubes, envelopes or pouches.

Pick your Packing

Supplements are one of the products with a wide variety of packaging types. This is where things get complicated, when you get to choose yours, and the success of your product depends on the type of packaging, so we have the best options for you. Dibar Labs can offer you packing types like pet containers, HDPC, stand up pouch, stick packs, sachets, blisters, capsules, tablets, gelcaps, display type box, laminated bags, cans, tetra pak and many many more.


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